The Fox and the Girl was created from a deep place in my heart. 

One morning I sat before a single sheet of paper to find a place of stillness and peace. I needed to create something for myself, something that took me away for a moment from the world that was swirling around me, and allowed my heart to be. 

As I entered rest the fox and the girl was drawn out before me. A relationship of simple love, kindness, devotion and beauty. Each drawing that followed was a simple reflection of the simplicity of life and the beauty of connection we can find with each other in those everyday moments. 

I hope as you enjoy these images you have moments to reflect on the beauty of this life, the connection and love that surrounds us, and that the everyday and small things that pass us by are not ordinary but magical, and a part of the story written on the pages of our lives. 

These illustrations are available as greeting cards, and prints, and The Fox and the Girl book will be available for sale for Christmas 2021. Visit the shop for more details.

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Thanks to raw and for beautiful seasonal mockup files.